Hey guys, my name is Campbell Faulkner and I am 11 years old. I am the chief inspirational officer of my brand new charity called Campbell’s Crew Cares. I am a verified 501c3. My goal for my Charity is to provide Hope to those in need. With my Charity, I am hoping to do some really big things with the help of people like you. Some of my projects to help the community include making 80 food bags a month for the homeless. We will be giving these bags out to the people on the streets. My other big project is going to be taking children in need shopping for clothes and a toy. My goals is to take 150 children shopping, with the cost of 125 dollars per child. So please join with me, to make a difference in the world and sprinkle a little bit of hope into the lives of others, please donate to Campbell’s Crew Cares today. For more information or to donate please click here.